Arty shot of 26'' carbon wheel 1380g/pr
1350g carbon xc
carbon xc wheel very light and very strong
fully co-ordinate your bike
croc trophy river run

XC Elite Race - Carbon/Alloy

My XC wheels range in weight from around 1300g through to 1650g odd for big guys... I often mix and match rim models, spokes and sometimes spoke number to really fine tune the ultimate wheelset..... ie a heavier rear rim used with a lighter front....also with the spokes.....going by the fact ...any rider has more weight on the rear compared to the front...and that it's easier to nurse the front wheel....
I do make very light wheels for lighter riders but don't recommend the lightest wheels for everyone...stiff wheels are fast wheels..before light ones are...and they last longer too.... weights not everything !!
I have some very accomplished riders riding TWE wheels..and they don always ride the lightest....If your only going to buy one wheelset then i suggest eering on the side of sensiblity a little...  my two bobs worth based on many years
blue highlights
two of many colours
kermit green
yeti turquoise
wedding cake
blue nipples with white stickers
smiley Em
sporting TWE
celebrity huh on ya Em
lookin very cool whilst in O2 debt ha
go Brent

carbon 29er wheels- ultra stiff !! for heavy guys esp only $1199/pr !!

29er wheel w red nip

29er wheels from 1350g/pr 

blue nipples, blue stickers

carbon 29er wheels- ultra stiff !! for heavy guys esp only $1199/pr !!

TWE build with enve rims
enve 29er wheelset

racelite carbon 29er wheels

1460g and solid as !!!

only $1350/pr !!

price to increase soon

1500g 29er set w white aerolites
lil bit different :)