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Road Framesets

NOW ON SALE !!    (around $750 only)

TWE framesets are made from high grade carbon fibre and therefore offer outstanding performance both with regard to stiffness/responsiveness and handling. whether your cornering hard around a tight criterium circuit or descending at high speed- the bikes remain stable and go just where you want them to. I've found some other bikes steering to be a little slow in the past..even from some big brands.

All TWE frames (and wheels) come with a crash replacement if you do brake a frame in a crash or ?- you receive a huge discount on the replacement cost.. OR.. I have a carbon fibre repair specialist on hand to repair the frame for minimal expense.

Some people tell me they've just totalled their..... $4000+ frame..and then had to buy another- OMG !! how can one justify this..guess some people got more money than I do. 

I carry frames from a range of reputable manufacturers- so you can buy a bike that fits you quite precisely..this is very important for optimal handling.  In some cases top tube length of my frames increases in 5mm increments...and you often have a choice of head tube length. (more comfort vs more 'racey') These are the two important dimensions..other than frame angles..

Other brands bikes are typically nominated by seat tube length which is ridiculous in this modern era.. with some frames being compact and others not...and some frames design running longer top tubes (or shorter) how can one choose the right size frame/bike based on its nominal size??  I see people riding bikes with short handlebar stems all the time because they have bought..or have been sold, the wrong size bike. crazy !!

If a bike is setup with too short a handlebar stem, the bike tends to ride/handle like a kayak- (not enough weight over the front wheel) This is ok for high speed descending or time trialing but not so good around tight corners. and then visa versa.

One really should ride the right sized bike- precisely !  Hey if your not so fussed then why even buy a new bike..just ride around on your 20yr old cadex.  

food for thought ...



tt machine

950g very stiff !! $1099 incl. seat post

kawasaki green RS16 $1599 1KG
stunning..shit photo but
Micks bike...
Bernard beer/TWE team bike
shit photo but awesome bike...really