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super tough carbon wheels
blue highlights
strongest DH wheels
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MTB Wheels


XC Elite Race - Carbon / Alloy

AM / XC All Day

making it look easy
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29er wheels..


I have many 29er rims in stock....wheelsets as light as 1350g/pr can be made..that are still reliable.

 TWE also caters well for heavy riders..and everything inbetween.

..All wheels are custom built to order...and the recomendations are responsible and guaranteed ..and based on 20 years of dedication to wheels. 

TWE Mtb wheels are made to more exacting tolerances than any other online sourced wheelset. Using hubs with sensible sized bearings...and extra money spent at the onset is money saved 'down the track'  but you have better performing, more reliable wheels along the way---all TWE wheels come with friendly expert backup/service & ongoing discounts + crash replacement warranty.. .-All around online pricing..why would you buy wheels elsewhere ??

carbon 29er wheels- ultra stiff !! for heavy guys esp only $1199/pr !!

electric blue II
electric blue
lil bit different :)

DH wheels..

I source thee strongest rims in the world at a good weight..~600g/rim...actually my rims are also lighter than some 'better known' rims.

wheels are custom made with a choice of spokes- thicker or thinner -blk or silver.

Wheels are painstakingly tensioned up extremely accurately..and tight- to produce very crisp handling/ predictable wheels that take a pounding...all year -and often longer.

Hubs are light, roll fast, last well  and easily and economically serviced....

really..the only serious choice for up and coming riders. or professionals.

various rim colours and stickers avail....custom painting soon..


taking a break after some rigorous trail blazing

1520g 29er wheels w bita red

super responsive ,1430g 29er wheels $1499

variety of colour highlights