2012 Oceanic champ Brent Smith

photo world cup fort William

Brent Smith

recorded fastest time of 73Km/h

showing off the custom flouro lime green wheels



Thought i better write some stuff here....hmm
Well I don like sales pitches...not into hype and glamour !...one look at my work getup  will tell you that (board shorts [..or boxers]...and a singlet...   bare feet ..or thongs if its really cold...
I do however import the strongest rims in the world....and piece them together painstakingly...using good quality hubs and Dt spokes..of coarse !
Rims are pretty light..despite their enourmous strength ~ 600g
Everyone..gets around twice (or more) the life over the other major brand rims...My mates , who don ride so fast hehe  get years out of their wheels..years !!  Brent (below) doesnt  but ..gets a season or two gen.   which is..as said..better than he was getting before on other rims..alot better.
I have a few pretty hot riders on my wheels...I'll mention with their permission later...(to be continued)
congrads to Brent Smith...and thanx to his fathers help....thaanx ken .. for their ongoing support
A promising future it seems....recently the oceanic U19 DH champion  and 3rd at crankworx after being held up by a slower rider.
rim colours avail...Blk, white, polished ano shiny silver, and colours ev now and then...red, blue, yellow, met. grey.... 
hole drillings ..32 and 36H
wheels sell for around $650/pr   and rims sold seperately for $99-$130
If your fast..and finish on top..or near..of the podium...Im happy to help out...
 ...as you can see by the photos below..my workmanship is well tested ...enjoy the pics
thanx for lookin in :) Greg
DH white
1st and 2nd on TWE
1st and 3rd on TWE
biig double
up and close
Go Jay
nice local shot
auzzie soil
showing off the wheel stickers ... thanx bro
flyin Hi
who needs a dually ??
last jump at nationals

looking the biz on team colour wheels

with matching hubs

lovely ha

Brent Smith 3rd at U.S. crankworks

whata sick bike !!

flouro yellow wheels in action

Brent Smith at world cup Scotland

dyl prohm
strongest DH wheels

custom superlight aust team wheels

1.73kg's only