extra wide flange hub


Quite simply I'm not going to put my name on a product that is anything less than the highest standard.
I source the highest quality parts for all the wheels I build- rims, hubs and spokes....and of coarse..the build is as perfect as humanly possible. Generally I don't reveal the source of the rims and the hubs - call it my trade secret. I've used many different types of spokes and while I can custom build with other spokes, I almost exclusively use DT Swiss spokes in wheelsets today. Depending on the wheel and intended use, this could be anything from double butted DT Competition in a general purpose set of wheels through to DT Aerolites in a light racing set of wheels.
Technology is advancing every day, and as new products are reaching builders like me, I in turn look to update my products and bring that to the market. 
  -My carbon rims and frames are made with High grade/modulus japanese carbon fibre.
  - Hubs run Grade 3 bearings (= round within 3 millionths of an inch- 0.000 003''  )
  - spokes are made from the finest swiss steel..
There's design improvements too in some cases..
Recently Ive added to my range of hubs..extra wide flange front hubs-(pic 1).. This new design compliments the new super super light rims that are now available....ie for making sub 1kg carbon wheelsets..or 1220g alloy wheelsets ! 
My rear hubs are already designed to provide maximum stiffness possible in the rear wheel -whilst still maintaining adequate spoke tension on non drive side of the wheel.  Stiff wheels are fast wheels !!