twe colours gone wild
every colour !
spokes in every colour
SLR30 track super light and very rigid
85mm deep full carbon tub.
50mm deep carbon tubular

Track Wheels


Specialty Wheels

Carbon Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Basic Wheels
hollogram stickered 85mm carbon tub
pink w white nipples
every colour spoke nipples
As far as fixie/street wheels go...I got every colour spoke and nipple and pretty much the same with rims......  so if you want to have a really unique high end wheelset..then have a look in.... All wheels have been well tested as the photos do show....stickers can be made in any colour too....
For the track racing enthusiasts....I have had a few guys win world titles on TWE wheels..not to mention many state and national titles.....It's where my world champ stripes come from.....If you want wheels that are really light...for young riders..or something mega strong for mature sprinters...or something inbetween ?  then I can make wheels to suit.... I have rims in every profile..and typically in any spoke count....
bike fashion
38mm shamal/clincher
frame testing
Hey you..get off there
no bullshit
now thats art...
which ways up ?
world champ
brads beasty
every colour !

fastest meanest looking- alloy track wheels money can buy

can have this look in carbon too