wheels need to be very strong with tandems racing

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every colour spoke nipples

combination of elegance and pure speed

Welcome To TWE

My name is Greg Ryan and I would like to welcome you to a unique opportunity to enhance your cycling experience. This opportunity enables you to purchase fully customised bicycle wheels- painstakingly built to the highest standard- at very competative prices. It involves talking to the wheelbuilder directly - me - not a salesperson or middleman. We discuss what the ultimate wheelset would be for you, to suit your type and style of riding.
Whether you're into road, track, triathlon, mountain biking or just social riding for fitness,..my wheelsets offer an outstanding combination of long-lasting performance, reliability and durability....furthermore ...all TWE wheels come with a crash replacement warranty ..which basically ensures there to be no ongoing major expenses even in the event of a misshap.
Twe wheels do not need re-tensioning after 'the first few rides'- they are built tight and very accurately to provide superb performance right from the get go.... 'mass produced' custom wheels bought from big mail order companies cannot boast this ...as my witnessing shows me. If my wheels cost a little more...Its because they are built properly..the first time ! ..However they are typically cheaper..and certainly moreso than the big brands... but come with free or practically free backup and service..by the guy who made them.. 
Ongoing.. existing TWE wheel customers recieve good discounts on other items in my range of products....
If this arouses your curiosity...please send an email or phone   ...so WE can discuss /go over all the many options/ pro's and cons ... narrow down some choices...and then..or coarse.. Im happy to email specs, prices and pics thereafter..
Thanx for looking in..... Greg
pl. phone now to enquire about ** overstock specials....**

 custom TWE wheels specially made for the Glasgow comm. games 

dyl prohm
Big stew

Mick and Matt -world champs and world record holders

showing some colour variations

Team Quantum/TWE

Micks win in the 7hr- solo cat.

darth vader