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Track Framesets.

My frames have, by all reports, proven to be lightning fast..with excellent handling...All that youd expect from a state of the art super stiff carbon frameset.

The performance is as good as any track frameset....and better than many.  Just my price is much more attractive.

I source my frames from Taiwan..they are the most expensive frames avail. from there...they cost twice as much as some others !!

As its hard to introduce a new brand to the market- I certainly dont have the marketing budget- nor time- to do so properly.  So I sell my frames/ bikes at a great price.

I can do whole bikes...for instance...The deal currently is :  frame as is mentioned/shown here, incl. 50mm full carbon tubular wheels, carbon seatpost, your choice of cranks, seat, bars for around $3,300- tad more if you wanna run dura-ace cranks..or record or ??  Thats really Im sure your aware.  Why on earth would you spend $4000, $6000 $8000 on a bike thats not faster ???



combination of elegance and pure speed