dt 240 hubs 28/32H QR 6 bolt or clock
38mm w p.tap
powder coated hubs
ti skewers 43g /pr


 I source my hubs in Taiwan...Ive been there for the trade show for the last 4 years and have spoken with all the manufacturers...
I buy the best hubs out of TW and have them fitted with Japanese ezo sealed catridge bearings...My hubs spin very nicely...very importantly !!
Taking things a step further...i buy hubs with the spoke holes accurately drilled-  so the spoke sits very snuggly in the spoke hole...this goes along way to reduce spoke fatigue. Its a small but very important step in building high performance, reliable wheels...
I do not just use generic hubs out of Taiwan...many hubs look similar..but its the little things that often count..right !?
208g 76g 6 pawl
hollogram stickered 85mm carbon tub
245g rear 80g front
red xc hubs
track hub w grn spokes
powertap in enve rim
208g road hub
1225g wheelset
ti/ allen key skewers 43g/pr $45
cheers Joe
extra wide flange hub

208g road hub spins like silk

blk or red with  blk, red or silver end caps

light weight interchange mtb hubs

covers every system

blk, blu, red, silver  or grn end caps

flouro yellow   woow