Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are your wheels better than 'off the shelf' from the big names?

for a few reasons....

 My wheels are specifically made for yourself... Generally the bigger name brands cater for 'the average rider' esp if your a heavy rider..or very the shelf wheels may be a bit flexy or un-necessarily heavy....Ive made reliable wheels for guys up to 130kg  and I make a 1225g alloy wheelset for v.light riders.

whilst bigger brand wheels may seem inexpensive online...often the repair costs are exorbitant...there are no ongoing major expenses with TWE wheels.

I dont cut corners or design my wheels around cost efficiency or mass production...TWE wheels are built with Dt spokes, run japanese bearings and use super high grade alloy or carbon rims -spoke holes are drilled tight to reduce spoke fatigue and they are all painstakingly custom built to order in sensible spoke patterns. 

TWE wheels come with crash replacement warranty and ongoing discounts...on anything I sell.

Compared to some of the bigger names top model wheels wheels..My wheels offer the same performance..often better..for a much lower price

I make the stiffest fastest wheels !!

When you buy TWE are buying hassle free service and backup in australia...the guy who designed and built your wheels is also the guy who fixes /maintains them...thats gota give you peace of mind ..


  • How long does it take from ordering through to delivery of my wheels?

          approx. 1 week - 10 days


       *   Where do you source parts from?    mainly Taiwan..but the Dt spokes are made in switzerland..hub bearings in Japan..and the super high end carbon rims from the U.S.