30 & 38mm full carb. tubs

from 1080g/pr !!!

$25ea or 2 for $40

showing some colour variations

whats new ...

I have so much new stuff..too much to write about now..might have to wait untill Xmas break....anyway feel free to phone and see if theres anything new that'd rock your bike..short answer is..probably !


TWE has moved !!    ..well old news now..but Im at unit 12,  17-21 Bowden st Alexandria NSW 2015...
 * black TWE kits back in stock !!
* Huge range of road disc wheels available
* Ultralight 650B and 29er wheels available..down to below 1300g !
* carbon clincher wheelsets (38mm depth )down to around 1230g/pr...priced from $1650 for first time customers...($1850 with aerolite spokes)     price incl. TWE bib and jersey + extras 
 slight heavier models for $100 less   
.... New wider profiles arrived 23mm wide and 25mm wide ..  with very high temperature resistance..   (Depths avail in carbon rims:-  21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 38mm, 44mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 85mm, 88mm, 90mm..huge range so you can buy whats best for your riding.) 
* 9, 10, 11sp chains now avail..... hollow pin hollow link- ie light weight...shift well on campag, sram and shimano. -$15 for first time customers ... 10sp chains also avail in gold !!
coloured fixie/track wheels...
I have10 different coloured spoke variations for 'fixie' wheels--(photos soon)-also have nipples in every colour...rims in white or blk.. limited amnts of red and blue track hubs avail...also in blk and ano. silver.
I also have light ! 41mm deep rims in white,red,bronze and pink   and 38mm deep rims in white, bright silver, and shint blk.
* Disc wheels + 5-spoke wheels avail now ...
changable between road and track, ~Disc- 1275g, tubular...special price $1175- awesome !!
podium finish on twe
bit of bling w gold spokes sub 1400g wheelset








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