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I got the bike together last week and took it for a spin. As I was going up the road all I could think was "this is cheating".
Those wheels of yours just keep going faster and faster - I'm blown away. Very impressed.
If I come across anyone wanting a set of wheels, I'll definitiely be mentioning your name.
I did the Mt William Classic last weekend (130km of heat and hills), this weekend I'm heading up to Bright for a weekend of hill training, and 2 weeks later I'm doing the Tour of Bright so they are getting some solid work.


Just wanted to let you know how stoked I am with the wheels you built for me. They have been awesome - even won my first race with them on. Thanks again. I'll be recommending you to anyone that needs a set of wheels. Speak soon.

Andrew Hellmich

Thank you, firstly for the outstanding quality of the supplied MTB XC wheels, very light and stiff/strong, the time out you took to advise me on what product would best suit my riding style and usage. These wheels which I believe are the first Cannondale Lefty ones you have made are as promised and I quite simply can't recommend your product and service highly enough.
The stiffness as you promised is unbelievable, I have even changed my riding style slightly as I am now able to stand up on the pedals much longer and sooner as the rear-end doesn't squirm around as did before. The Lefty front-end has always been renowned for its precise steering, this now is even more so with your wheels fitted.
You tracked down a Lefty hub and included this in your quoted price at no extra charge, this again is true service and I have been praising you and your wheels to all I come in contact with.
Thanks again for your help and exceptional product.

Brett 'Moose' Musial

Just wanted to let you know these wheels are excellent. Really stiff and roll very nicely. I have Tufo Elite Jets on them and the weight is well under 2kg including skewers and tubs. I couldn't help noticing that the drive from these hubs is almost instantaneous and it feels like I imagine the gravity zero X-one hubs would be like, but they don't look anything like them. I have been curious about them, and apart from looking a lot like Dura Ace hubs with black powder coat, I can't figure what they are?..
Anyway, many thanks for these, and soon I will be looking for a set of training clinchers ? around 28mm rims, 24/28 flat spokes, sub-1500gms ? any idea of the money I need to put aside?

Best regards
Warren Smith

Through the glut and confusion of wheelsets on the market i was keen to not fall simply for a 'fad' brand in my desire to upgrade to a wheel that was strong and light. I stumbled across Greg on the internet and from my first approach was not subjected to heavy sales pressure or the customary push to carbon that most impose on you. Greg made me up a wheelset in time for a race I was keen to do well in, and they felt great during the race up until I unfortunately crashed heavily enough to find myself in hospital. Greg was fantastic as soon as I let him know of my misfortune, he took back my brand new damaged wheels and true to his 'crash replacement warranty' fixed them up as new again at very little cost to me. Great service and back up - and now I get a second chance to enjoy my new wheels. Thanks Greg.

David Fogarty

Wheel turned up yesterday and looks awesome. You are right about it being light and it looks really strong. New forks just turned up too and I hope to put both on my bike tonight.
Thank you very much - will definitely recommend you to anyone needing wheels.

Joe Cenin

Hi Greg , i finally managed to get some k's in on sunday, right into a stiff heady on the way out & a crossy for the return, but even into a headwind i reckon i could notice the difference between your wheels & my old shimano's. great stuff

thanks heaps
very happy

I have attached a pic of me at the world championships in Savannah Georgia where I won , if you wanted to add it to your site with my testimonial.
I have now done 1000 kms on my new wheels which you put together.
You assured me that they are one of the stiffest wheelsets around , well you were right ! I have been riding / racing for over 25 years. My most recent wheels before yours were Mavic Ksyrium's and I must say yours are a much stiffer faster wheel.
I have always had the problem , being a weightlifter that I am a little heavier than your average cyclist ( 90 - 100 kg ) and my leg strength . So my wheels have to be super strong to survive my workouts ! Your wheels fit into that bracket , super strong !
I guess the scariest part of the whole deal was the fact I found you on the internet and had to rely on our conversations leading up to my ordering the wheels, so yes it's true there are still some honest people in this world of ours , thank you.
I look forward to racing again soon and my secret weapon will be my special new wheelset !
Thanks again Greg for your time and help .

Chris Duthie
World Masters Champion 2003
Kristina Bannister 
on ya Amy nat champ again 
beautiful morning on the bike 
Put them on the bike on Tuesday after rolling on the DT Swiss R1700's for a couple of months. I thought the DT's felt a little stiffer when I first put them on, but I have subsequently discovered just how good a wheelset the TWE's are. The sensation I noticed related more to the more solid feel associated with reluctance to turn due to centrifugal force. The TWE's are at least as stiff a wheel as the DT's and roll and spin up so much better. I hammered out a KOM climb on the first ride with them and reclaimed top spot by over 4 seconds. 
Thanks for your after sales support and for lending an ear to find the best solution.
Kind regards Steve
Hi Greg.
Before deciding to get some wheels built I took the time to read through some of your feed back and its all true - beautiful, smooth rolling, light hoops. I lost over 500 grams per wheel with the set you built me for my 29er and having just done a couple of laps of the Newcastle MTB cross country course near Awaba, I couldn't be happier. However, Its not the wheels I really wanted to praise, it was the service. Having someone give an honest opinion of what I needed and suited me and then to have them built within two days in the week before Christmas is phenomenal and well beyond what I though would have occurred. I can't recommend TWE highly enough. It wont be long before I'm  back to give the roadie the TWE treatment.
sincere thanks Wayne
Hey Greg,
I'm just emailing you to let you know how good your carbon racing wheels are! I haven't had my first race of the season yet but I'll let you know how I go afterwards. I've added another 3-4Km/hr on my average speed with your wheels and my sprint speed is 4-6Km/hr faster!! And in training I am unbeatable in the climbs! The wheels are sooo light and roll so smoothly I can accelerate faster than anyone else and noone so far can lose me off their wheel or counter my attacks in the climbs.
Cheers, Sam
Thanks Greg, merry Christmas to you too!
My TWE tubeless mtb wheels are still going strong after 18 months of abuse and are still as straight as an arrow!