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I have been racing for over 15 years and have tried many different wheelsets for training and racing, including wheels/rims from Zipp, Corima, Mavic, Shimano, Velocity etc. At 191 cm and around 82 kg, I am by no means light on wheels and the aforementioned wheels all failed after relatively short periods of racing / training.
After many years of wheel problems, Greg from TWE built me a bullet-proof rear wheel for training and a pair of 20/28 alloy race wheels. The training wheel has never suffered a broken spoke or required re-trueing and now only needs a new rim because the old one has worn thin from around 50,000 reliable kilometres. My race wheels are built with quality lightweight components and have proved very fast and just as reliable - I recently rode them to win Australian and NSW road championships.
The important thing about Greg's approach is he doesn't try to sell you the latest fad or the wheels that the bike shop got a good deal on - he builds the wheels that are right for you, backed by an honest warranty. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.
Darren Cash
2006 Australian Masters Road Champion
2006 NSW Masters Road Champion

TWE's wheels are the best I have ridden?ever. I have ridden various wheels from many manufacturers, and yes, TWE wheels are that good. I approached Greg to make me an aerodynamic, light and extremely stiff set of wheels for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. He delivered, and I could not have been happier. They have confidently delivered me to the podium many times.
TWE wheels have so many advantages over stock wheels. Greg, as an expert in this field, can manufacture a wheelset particularly suited to the rider. There is no sense in a 50kg rider riding on the same wheels as Magnus Backstedt, for example. The backing of the product with a lifetime wheel truing guarantee shows how confident Greg is in the strength and durability of his product. As I said, they are the best I have ridden, and I have destroyed many other wheelsets, but not TWE?s. I will never fork out cash for another set of wheels again. I only purchase TWE.

Dave Treacy
Maltese National Road Team Rider

I have been riding and racing both mountain and road bikes for the last 15 years. I'll put my hand up as a self confessed gear junkie. During that time I've ridden many of the usual production brand wheel sets available. Mavic, Campagnolo, Shimano, Velomax/Easton, on and on the list goes.
Recently when I was racing in a Friday night criterium at Sutherland, I had a small race incident that left me with some broken spokes. I was able to use a neutral spare supplied by TWE Wheels, a brand that until then I hadn't heard of. The wheel I briefly used, was very nice and incredibly stiff. After the race I spent some time talking with Greg the owner of TWE and was very impressed by his sensible approach to wheel building.
Shortly after this I was looking for a set of all round training/racing wheels in the 1500g range. Based on my earlier interaction with Greg, I felt it was well worth while talking to him about my requirements and seeing if TWE were able to provide a set of wheels to suit within the constraints of my budget.
Greg took the time to listen to what I was looking for, to evaluate what I was intending to use the wheels for and then to make a number of suggestions in the construction of the wheels. With the care and time Greg showed in this meeting, I was absolutely sold on both Greg's ability to produce world class wheels and the TWE product in general with the after sale workmanship guarantees.
The wheels arrived precisely as per the original specification and the weight that Greg had advised they would come in it. To date I've put around 3,000km into these wheels in both training and racing and they have performed flawlessly. Their stiffness is remarkable at their 1500g combined weight, and to date they have remained completely true during normal use. I suffered a racing incident recently that left me with a broken spoke, the result of another riders front skewer being driven into the wheel. I took the wheel back to TWE, where Greg spent considerable time, not only fixing the spoke and re-truing the wheel, but also completely servicing the rear hub.
I can't say enough good things about the TWE product and the service and professionalism that backs it. I'm currently building my 'dream bike' and it's testament to TWE that I'm not even considering putting anything on it other than a set of TWE racing wheels, they are as good or better than any wheel I've ever used at a price that is by any measure very reasonable.

Brett Fenton

The new wheels you built for me are making a big difference. I have dropped 3 minutes off my PB time-trial time at calga. I also climb much better. Evident by the joy of seeing people dropping off my back wheel after having previously watched the same disappear up the hill ahead of me. Same bunches - different story. Very satisfying!
The new wheels are about 400 grams less rotational weight than my old wheel set. This is a bit lighter than the popular brands of production wheel I was considering yet you managed it at a much better price. I was also very surprised at the positive feel and resilience of the wheels. The moment I hopped on the bike I had a sense of direct power transfer that I had not felt before - very positive drive.
In my opinion you are the man to beat for service and value. Being able discuss design of equipment to suit personal needs, including price, then having it well built and well tuned - that's getting the 'bang for the bucks'.
I would not hesitate to recommend you - you are wheely the best.

With Thanks,
Tony Williamson

I have known Greg for well over a decade and during this time he has built many wheels for me. Now I am not your average cyclist weighing in at over 100kgs. The wheels Greg has built me for training have withstood many punishing kilometres and full on sprints with not one failure. My race wheels are also rock solid. If you want a wheel built that is bullet proof and will last many years then Greg is your man.

Roger Crawford

Just to let you know wheels are "BRILLIANT" 76 Km race today and best result ever. 1st in age group top 10 overall. Seems like the wheels are the real thing.

From Chris Duthie......I have attached a pic of me at the world championships in Savannah Georgia where I won , if you wanted to add it to your site with my testimonial .
I have now done 1000 kms on my new wheels which you put together .
You assured me that they are one of the stiffest wheelsets around , well you were right !
I have been riding / racing for over 25 years . My most recent wheels before yours were Mavic Ksyrium's and I must say yours are a much stiffer faster wheel .
I have always had the problem , being a weightlifter that I am a little heavier than your average cyclist ( 90 - 100 kg ) and my leg strength . So my wheels have to be super strong to survive my workouts !
Your wheels fit into that bracket , super strong !
I guess the scariest part of the whole deal was the fact I found you on the internet and had to rely on our conversations leading up to my ordering the wheels, so yes it's true there are still some honest people in this world of ours , thank you .
I look forward to racing again soon and my secret weapon will be my special new wheelset !
Thanks again Greg for your time and help .
Chris Duthie
World Masters Champion 2003

STRONG !!   so only TWE wheels will do