TWE would like to formally congradulate some rescent achievments:
An outstanding overall performance by the TWE/European beer/Rubena mtb team at the rescent croc trophy race....Team leader won by 18 minutes...with room to spare..crazy.. also a win in pairs category and some high finishes and podiums by other riders...
 the 3 podiums in XC at the recent state titles (last weekend)...incl a win and 2x 3rds.
..all on TWE wheels- cool...
More links and pics to come....
A cool video of the recent Awaba do......
From the 2011 Croc Trophy race....TWE was a proud sponsor of the Bernard Beer/riders team. Boys did really well...
Best placed was Ondrej in 8th pl overall.
A recent link filmed by Captyvate...thanx Ty ...and great going to Brent Smith
Another vid of the crimminsez.....
** you can check out some twe wheelrace footage from past few years by typing in 'twe wheelrace' on you tube.
* TWE has been a proud sponsor of RAW track racing for 5 years.
* TWE is also a sponsor of:
 the forrest 6hr enduro event, sutherland dirt crits, the cervelo race series -boasting the biggest price pool of the season!,
 Waratah vets cycling club, sutherland cycling club, Bernard beer riders, Happy wheels and other individual riders...incl. Brent Smith-state downhill champion, Andrew Burne- world masters Kilo champion, Stewy( computer) Campbell-has won bloody everything in road, tri, track and duathlon, Perin Delacour-team yeti,
1st and 2nd on TWE 
1st and 3rd on TWE 

Brent Smith 3rd at U.S. crankworks

smiley Em 

Bernard Rocky Trail Riders Team Update

Stage 6 – The epic one… 189 km,1500m

 day 6 croc trophy

The Crocodile Trophy has a new race leader – and theBernard Rocky Trail Racing team had an epic day. 189 km in the heat of Queensland’soutback, with the sun relentlessly burning onto their backs, as they made theirway through sandy sections on the undulating track as well as some major rivercrossings.


Ondrej and Michal stayed together for most of the race andon the last 40 km Ondrej had a burst of energy (or was it those two Bernardisotonic beers that he had at feeding stations 4 and 5? ;-) and he came acrossthe finish line as 17th rider of the day and as 10th inthe Elite category. Michal followed shortly after as 24th finisherand 9th in M1. Overall, they both hold positions 11th and9th positions in their category.


It was Martin again who kept the cameras busy. At a hairyriver crossing in a large bunch, he decided to go for it and overtake slower,cautious riders. He went too far left and fell head first into the deep riverthat had a very strong current. So strong that his bike almost got sucked away –without even thinking twice, he jumped after it. Of course.


Mark Griffin again was very strong today – finishing 13thfor today and 5th in his age group, he is now overall still in secondposition in M1.

on ya Amy nat champ again 
1st on twe  
podium finish on twe  
thanx bernard beer 

........well was another successful weekends racing for the TWE sponsored Bernard Beer team.....not so successful for poor ol Matt......who we hope has a speedy recovery...

bloody chain #@%& 
a more sensible approach 
Kristina Bannister 
Big stew 
lookin very cool whilst in O2 debt ha  
Ben 10 
RAW sponsorship for 5 years  
Christmas carnivals sponsorship for 3 years  

2012 Oceanic champ Brent Smith


Brent backin up with 3rd at Oceanic champs 2013


Wheels are built by Greg Ryan of TWE using TWE hubs laced to Stan’s Crest 29er rims for a combined weight of 1550g without skewers. A perfect balance of reliability, stiffness and weight brings a light and dependable race wheel that is solid enough to train on.

How does it perform? The hard-tail is surprisingly smooth. Scott’s Shock Damping System, 29er wheels, big volume tyres, and copious amounts of exposed seatpost all combine to provide a cracking sweet ride. If I could put a figure to it, I would say its equivalent to a one-inch travel 26in dually, but without the hassles inherent to pivots, cable and chain growth, and rear shocks. The bike tracked perfectly, and I enjoyed not having the back end wallow when railing banked corners.

The XTR performed flawlessly. Not once did I hear the familiar chain slap chipping away at the frame. The front end was super stiff, both torsionally and laterally. It will be a while yet before the suspension settings are dialled, but the first outing was promising.

I cant wait to see how things fair up under race conditions! Bring on the Kona Odyssey.

And to those still waiting, final weight is 9.5kg with pedals.

TWE prize- wheels ! 

another medal on TWE onya holmes

current U19 sate XC champ.


Team TWE/Rubena tyres kicks ass at the croc ..kicks ass !!


Ivan Malat the leg destroyer...on TWE yeah


1st place at the tour of Murray on TWE