* email now for specials on current model road, track and mtb frames....or bikes.
* Beautiful full carbon road and mtb frames- with good TWE wheels for abs. crazy prices..   around $1000 only 
* 50mm deep carbon road disc wheels for $1199 only 
* Road-Full carbon clinchers are selling for $1750..and each purchase includes a TWE kit- (bibs and jersey).... rim depths avail.. 28, 38, 50, 55, 85mm.  wheelset weights from 1350g/pr. 
* I have an overstock of:
Road-Full carbon tubular wheelsets 38mm, norm $1599pr..selling for $1350 with Dt Aerolite spokes !....custom built   20H and 24H rims avail... price is $200 less with Dt revolution spokes- and same weight.. still come with crash replacement warranty !
26" MTB-light weight 24H TWE XC wheelsets.  They're really nice wheels- a super responsive wheelset - simliar to XTR  at a much reduced price....$435/pr  (norm $799..wheelset weight from 1510g-1600g depending on spokes/rider weight)- come with crash replacement warranty !
26'' All day/ Extreme XC wheelsets... take a pounding without lugging around DH weight wheels ! only $455/pr    perfect for touring or freeriding..where durability is paramount and weight isn't such an issue. perfectly handbuilt with Dt comp spokes..
26'' MTB -Mavic XC wheels: 36H maxtal alloy mavic rims - built onto light hubs..with light spokes and GOOD hubs for $435/pr- can run as tubeless ...make a great training set of wheels..although they're very suitable for racing....1630g/pr with a mid weight hubs..rim weight is only 395g 
All TWE wheels are properly, painstakingly handbuilt even at these prices !!
 Pl are not necc. indicative of whats on special.
I sometimes have some odd bits and pieces..older models/single wheels lying usual..Im too busy to ...well to busy to finish this site even..but list clearance items....
Please.. if your interested  and not worried about weight..or matching..little bit used second hand stuff or logos or just email and see If I can help you with something at a reduced price.. I dont have 11sp shimano wheels as used though - but some 10sp wheels can be converted.
 all the best  Greg
oh..p.s.  the pics below are just random wheel pics....can change stickers to diff colour on an existing second hand wheels/sets....

road disc wheels 

many diff styles to choose from 

polished ano silver XR 380 
shimano 105 fixie setup 1/8'' chainring 
showing some colour variations 
50mm deep carbon tubular 

50mm clinchers from 1375g/pr

reverse blue white on sub 1250g, 50mm tubulars  
bit different  

58mm full carbon tubulars

Dt aerolite spokes- incl bib and jersey

only $1599


Mavic 36H $375/pr

sealed cart bearing hubs

swiss steel spokes

precision handbuilt