Carbon Pro Extreme

thee stiffest carbon wheels on the planet !


One variation of the 50mm clincher wheels is the carbon pro extreme wheelset.

All TWE carbon wheels are very stiff/responsive. Equal to much more expensive wheels out of the US. .. However the Carbon pro extreme wheelset is more so again - unparalleled to any other carbon wheelset on the market.

It's designed around guys with alota horsepowers sprinting requirements, guys not chasing every gram- but who just want every last watt going into propelling them forwards.  (it also makes handling/cornering amazing)

Im typically asked to make wheels light as they can be made ..and my usual carbon wheels are that ~ 1450g/pr for 50mm full carbon clinchers- that's a great weight.. but in saying... every time I get someone to ride the pro extremes- they are blown away.

The broader Dt blade spokes used in this wheelset adds ~130g. This increase in weight is towards the centre of the wheel obv. - not at the wheels circumference- so the increase is negligible anyway. and fair to note there's alota carbon wheels around /slightly under 1600g - (Zipp 404 firecrests are 1580g and not in the same class for stiffness)

If your powerfull, heavy, very tall and/or very aggressive- you'd really appreciate these wheels.