About TWE

5 Minutes with Greg Ryan (literally cause he's got wheels to build!)

This page really should be called 'About Me'. At the end of the day TWE is me !!.
__First of all..please allow me to apologise for the lack of information and pricing on my site...Im almost a one man business/ specialist...custom making wheels at online pricing...This in itself is very difficult....great for the consumer but time consuming for myself....unlike 'add to cart' ordering...with TWE you can chat about options and then choose whats best for you..based on aquired knowledge....and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way...Im happy doing things this way.... I prefer a personal touch....nevertheless.... my time is scarce...I offer back up and service with my products furthermore- unlike many online businesses...so my days get quite full....Im not a pushy salesperson and so I hope you feel confident in ringing/emailing me..and seeing where that goes . 
 Unlike big mail order companies..My prices are not 'set' to automatically re-adjust with global fluctuations...I def. would not have time to constantly change my prices day in day out..
 I do build similar wheels in many many variations which kinda makes it hard to set prices...and sell 'models'.  In anycase..price and weight are not the best criteria to use when buying wheels !!!
ok so enough excuses...
I've personally been building wheels (as well as being a very experienced bike mechanic) for the last 20 years or so- (tinkering with bikes for near 30 years ! )
 I started TWE in about 2003 as I felt there was a good opportunity to custom build high end race wheels - I had been building very very reliable more traditional wheels for a long time - and had earned a very strong reputation for doing so.
 So upon studying the 'at the time' velomax wheels -and a few other brands ( I even spent a few days in the velomax factory in the U.S.)-  I decided to take my wheelbuilding skills to the next level... and hence became TWE. ( with the help of my VERY accomplished graphic designer Paul McKensi at creatronix - like myself...a man truelly dedicated to his line of work.
Since then I've made literally thousands of wheelsets for customers all over Australia. and a handful to international customers from countries Including Japan, New Zealand and Ireland. (the freight costs tend to get in the way when shipping internationally)
My aims are simple - to build the best wheels possible within a given price bracket for an individual rider and their requirements. The many, many +ve testimonials I've received are testamount to the energies I've  invested into what I do. 
One final thing, I really am the sole force at TWE. That means sometimes I'm building wheels when customers are trying to contact me. If I'm not able to answer, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able. Alternatively feel free to use the email address below to contact me.  To note...I do not have time to write an essay on this wheel vs that wheel.... If you want advice.. thats fine..but we gota have a chat ..with the aid of my trusty blue tooth..I can keep wheelbuilding/putting on stickers..and talk at the same time...If you wish to leave your phone number I'll call you at your convenience :)
Greg Ryan
blue highlights 
for the girls 
every colour ! 
1pc bar and stem carbon 
50mm full carb clincher  
reverse sticker 

Below are my acreditations....Ive always done well at school, represented my tech for workskill australia and won an award for scoring highest marks in every theory exam at tech- whilst doing my fitting and machining trade...Ive been playing with bikes since age of 12...30 years...

Whilst I was essentially workshop manager/head mechanic..at a bike shop where I used to work...The shop was awarded 'best bike shop in NSW' ..It was a service based award..with points gained by customers ringing in/emailing and voting for us...was by no means the biggest most glamourous bike shop..

I've focused on wheelbuilding for around 15-20 years  and now It's my sole source of income....


So I hope this gives you confidence in buying TWE wheels..My wheels !

hsc results 
TER ranking 
award as fitter machinist 
work skill australia 
as head mechanic